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Lost Between Two Worlds Trouble is inevitable when a clash of cultures occurs, in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World a collision with devastating effects captures an incomer. John lives in an antique reservation but his roots come from a futuristic metropolis. John is caught between the savages in the reservation and the overcontrolled civilization, which cause him to become isolated from both worlds by being incapable to function properly on either. John was an outcast in the reservation, for he didn’t share the same rituals as the natives. Linda, John’s mom, came from the civilized world, and raised him with her different beliefs. Linda was very promiscuous and didn’t follow the reservations rules, as a result he gets ostracized from…show more content…
The pueblo’s chief wouldn’t let John participate in their traditions, he says “‘But they wouldn 't let me. They disliked me for my complexion. It 's always been like that. Always.’ Tears stood in the young man 's eyes; he was ashamed and turned away” (Huxley 117). John desperately wants to fit in and feel included, but his appearance and roots won’t let him make part of the community. Since he grew up differently, people in the pueblo reject him and exclude him from their customs. Even though he has lived all his live in the reservation, John doesn 't really fit in with the ‘savages’ that inhabit it. Despite John growing up with ‘civilized’ habits, when introduced to modernized London, he finds himself as an outcast. Linda teaches him about this wonderful, soma-induced society, but he doesn 't fit in. John despised the modern ways, and has a strong antagonistic attitude toward this pleasure-driven community. For the habitants it 's perfectly normal to have multiple sex partners and to consume narcotics, and to visit one’s sick mother is an abominable act. As Bernard writes in his journal, “‘refuses to take soma, and seems much distressed because of the

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