Lost Boundaries Essay

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Lost Boundaries
The movie Lost Boundaries narrates a true story of an African- American doctor, Scott Mason Carter, who fails to acquire an internship at a local black hospital. The hospital prefers only black doctors, but Scott possesses such light skin that he cannot pass as a “black” man. Mr. Mitchell, Scott’s father-in-law, tells Scott that “[Losing that hospital job was the best thing that could have happened to [Carter].” Mr. Mitchell insists that Carter and Marcia attempt to “pass” as a white family because white people tend to find successful jobs more easily. After much hesitation, Carter decides to “pass” as white for only one year. Many complications later arise from Carter's decision to pass as white, but Carter’s success eventually proves that “passing” serves as the right decision.
As a white man, Carter’s career gradually prospers as he acquires a medical job in Keenham. Marcia and Carter didn’t want their children, Shelly and Howard, to deal with the same discrimination and hatred Marcia and Carter had to face, so they decide not to tell their kids that they are descended from Negro ancestors. This develops
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I would “pass” as white and accept the doctor's position in Keenham. But instead of keeping the “secret” from my kids, I will disclose the “secret” to them as soon as possible. I don't want them to have to deal with the tremendous shock that Howard and Shelly suffered. Scott’s decision to “pass” as white did not jeopardize his family’s bond as much as his decision to keep the secret from his children. Scott’s “passing” results in more positive outcomes compared to the negative ones. His “passing” allows him to utilize his time and talent at the hospitals in Keenham. If he didn’t pass as white, Scott would have wasted his time cleaning shoes or working on the railroad. The numerous lives Scott saved by working in Keenham make his decision to pass as white
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