Lost City Of Atlantis Research Paper

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The Lost City of Atlantis is often believed and often doubted. Around the time of 1,500 B.C. Poseidon led a large civilization that “sank into the Atlantic” after a major earthquake or also said to be a volcanic eruption. The City was sank by waves in one entire day and one entire night. Theme parks have been made to resemble the legend of the lost city. Plato’s Critias was a man who wrote the story telling every detail about Atlantis and how it came to be. He claimed he heard the story from his grandfather, who had heard it from a man named Solon. This city became famous because of Plato’s book, regardless that this happened 300 years before his birth. Solon claimed that he heard the story from an Egyptian Priest who stated it took place 9,000…show more content…
Plato made the city seem “magical” in his book, and is one of the most historic mysteries that still to this day remains unsolved. More about the God, Poseidon was that he had 10 sons which were all sets of twins. It is known that every son he had, ruled over a part of the City. Another mythical god named Zeus wanted to teach all of them that it wasn’t about ruling over each other so he said that they were all equal. This story is misunderstood as “a myth” because it was passed down from so many people and it is likely that it got mixed up. Atlantis is said to have existed even before Egypt was ever discovered, and if there were records of the lost city they should have already been…show more content…
A man named Robert Ballard states that he does not believe in Atlantis because the times do not add up in Plato’s book. It says that the city sank during the time of the volcanic eruption, when there was not a volcanic eruption that took place during that time. The story of Atlantis is about a high tech and very highly advanced city that people lived in, the people became very greedy and the city started losing everything they had because the people were not being fair. Gods that ruled over the city became infuriated and to pay back what had been done, the Gods sank Atlantis by sending large waves and storms through the sea. Before it was destroyed the city was mostly referred to a “utopia”. A utopia is known as a perfect word or a place where everything is good. All in all, people have no proof of it being 100% real or 100% fake, and it still remains an unsolved
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