Observation: The Lost Dog Restaurant

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My observation took place at The lost dog cafe and my focus was mainly on the host welcoming customers. I started my observation at 6 pm and it took me two hours to complete my assessment. I was sitting at an high top chair right at the front of the restaurant which limited my eyesight to the back part of the restaurant. I decided to sit up front since I assumed the host would be standing at the front of the restaurant but soon I found out that she occasionally went to the back part on the restaurant to guide customers or walk the host down to their table when the restaurant is really busy which caused me to not have full view and leading to my observation being limited to the front half of The Lost Dog Cafe. If the assignment had allowed, I could've…show more content…
My opinion on such observation was that the customer had definitely been to The Lost Dog Cafe before and that is my generalization of how the customer was so comfortable and familiar with how the restaurant works although I could've been wrong. There is a chance that this visit was their first but they were just familiar with the concept of restaurants with a bar. I also showed bias when I was talking about the advertising technique The Cafe used. I seemed to consider the magnetic Lost Dog as an interesting idea to advertise and spread their name out while one might consider such effort as unnecessary and stupid. I do believe it was an important factor that it was raining the second hour that I was at the restaurant which slowed down my observation. Soon something really interesting happened. While it was raining, two middle eastern men approached the restaurant and one was trying to hold the door for the other so he would go in. Even while it was raining, the guy looked determine to let the other in no matter what, asking him to go in before him multiple
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