How Did Elie Wiesel Lose Faith In The Book Night

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In the book Night the main character Elie Wiesel had gone from being a spiritual little boy to a spiritually dead man. In this book we listen and visualize what Elie went through along with a lot of other people. We hear and see what changes he went through from spiritual boy to a spiritually dead. We see that at the beginning Elie had a very strong belief of god. It says in the book that he prayed every day. Also when the germans came and took over taking the jews with them he prayed before they took him. He also prayed at the camps a lot he hadn't lost faith yet. However one may argue that he wasn't a true believer seeing as how he lost faith after what he saw. The other people could say that we was a true believer but he did lose faith because god was letting all of these bad things happen without consequences. So far he was very faithful he wanted to still believe that there was a god but soon lost faith. The germans have finally broke him in a small amount of time along with everyone else who most likely lost faith way before him. Elie used to be a happy little boy with a normal life like any other kid. That was until the germans came and took over everything. At first he was energetic and happy without a care in the world. However after the germans…show more content…
Elie was determined to not lose his father. As shown on page 50. When elie was sorted into a kommando elie said “Please sir….I’d like to be near my father.” After that they said that his father will be working next to him. This shows that he was very determined to stay with his father. Or on page 30 how when the old man fell he gripped his father’s hand tighter so that he won’t lose him. Also going back to when Elie was going to get his crown removed his quick thinking and determination saved his crown. When a man was trying to take his crown yet again he refused but than that same guy started to beat his father until he finally agreed to give it to

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