Lost In America Movie Analysis

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Lost in America is a movie which follows David and Linda Howard’s adventure across the United States, looking into every aspect of American life. David plays an advertising executive who realizes that his whole life is about him being a responsible person. He wants to be free from the typical life style that he and his wife are living in. He quits his job, convinces his wife into quitting her job as well, and they decide to leave everything behind, sell everything they own, and travel in a motor home for the rest of their lives. On morning of his last day at work, David is sure he is getting the promotion. He has a great telephone scene with a Mercedes dealer where he asks how much the car will cost, license and everything he needs to know about…show more content…
People always want more than what they. For example, David makes a lot of money, but not enough, he lives in a big house, but not big enough, he has an expensive car but not a Mercedes. Also, everybody has a dream of being free from all responsibilities and liabilities in life just as David and Linda’s characters. However, in reality people do not just quit their jobs, and decide to travel and live in a big RV. When movie characters leave their jobs, it is usually because they are fired, or the economy is slow, and the company has gone broke. Only in this movie, we see David’s character taking a stand because he wants to stay in Los Angeles, he also thinks he should be named the vice president and he does not like traffic in New York In the end, I truly feel I learned something from this movie and it is not to take things for granted. David and Linda’s characters realized that too and that is why they decided to go back to their old lives. I also think that at the end of the movie, it seems as if the scenes were not shot. We did not see how their lives turned out to be. But I feel like we were giving clues all along that they will go back to their old
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