Lost Literary Techniques

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We have discussed many literary techniques and character archetypes within the books that we have read and within Lost that the writers use to tell us the stories. Along with these two things, we have also repetitively discussed themes in the show and how we can find them in our own readings as well. Looking at the themes in the show and in our books, we can learn a lot about what lessons they are trying to get across to the readers or viewers. I will be discussing twelve common themes in literature and illustrating examples of them within the readings I have done and that I have noticed as we watched Lost. Man struggles again nature is the first theme I will be discussing and it is defined as, man is always at battle with human nature, whether the drives described are sexual, material, or against the aging process itself. Man struggling with nature is huge theme in this story. The island itself is a struggle for all…show more content…
I noticed this when they first discovered the hatch. It all seemed great because they found food, a safe place to stay if need be, and it gave them all a sense of hope, that maybe there is a way to get off of the island and maybe this hatch is the way to do it. Then we later find out when the hatch is blown up that it set off a chain of reactions that in the long run turned out to be hard for the group to handle. I noticed this theme in the book To Kill a Mockingbird as well. Because Atticus stood up for a black man and chose to take on his case, myself as a reader became uplifted and I thought that good things would come from this specific situation. Turns out, because Atticus did decide to take this case, many people such as Bob Ewell turned against him and did not want anything good to come from it. He did all that he could, even attempted to kill children, in order to mess up something that I thought would be rewarding in the
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