Lou Ann Walker Book Report

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1. Who was the author? Why did she write this book? The author of the book is Lou Ann Walker. Lou Ann Walker wrote this book to tell the story of life with death parents and the life of having deaf people in your family.. 2. Where was the author going for college? What made her first day to college eventful? (Write a paragraph) The author was leaving Ball State University and was starting to attend Harvard University. The first day was an interesting and sad day for her. After she got all moved into her dorm room, her parents left to go sleep in their hotel room. She met her roommate Laura, but Laura didn’t make a great first impression when she called her parents deaf and dumb and also that Laura decided to sleep naked. Later that night, she traveled to her parents’ hotel room hoping…show more content…
Her mother didn’t become deaf until she was 13 months old. She had spinal meningitis and because of this she went deaf. She was getting shots for the meningitis, but after the fifth they decided to stop the shots and after they stop the relapse was what caused the deafness. It was very hard for Doris Jean because she was already starting to say some words. After the second fever, she went deaf and wouldn’t talk for years and when she did start talking, no one understood her. Doris Jean’s parents were frightened with the news of Doris Jean being deaf. Doris Jean’s father left it up to her mother to really take care of Doris Jean. Her mother worked hard to know about Doris Jean’s condition and would read books about Helen Keller. When Doris Jean was six her parents took her to a school for the deaf and left her there. This school was focused on teaching oral skills and never taught sign language, but sign language was allowed to be used. Her mom didn’t know sign language before going to the school, but she learned fast. After attending the school all through high school, she graduated and went out on her own into the world as a keypunch
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