Lou Gehrig Farewell To Baseball Speech

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I chose the speech “Farewell to Baseball Address” by Lou Gehrig, and I loved it. The speakers goal was to inform. To inform the audience that he loved playing baseball, so he was not going to have self pity. The primary message was that he was honored to be able to play baseball. Gehrig gave this speech to inform the crowd about his leaving the game. I believe the objective was achieved. He said his farewell without pity. Gehrig gave this speech on July 4th 1939, at the Yankee stadium. The key demographic features of the audience is the baseball fans, and leaders. I want to say this speech was intended for a stadium full of people, however I am positive the world heard this speech. Aside from a live audience I believe the radio stations…show more content…
I would not say the conclusion was memorable at all, it was very short. Old once sentence. There was no call to action, because there was no need for one. I loved this speech, probably because I love baseball. I loved that the speaker did not want to make a putty speech about him retiring from playing baseball. Instead he told his story about being lucky. Be great fun for knowing so many great people and players. Thankful he got to suit up so many times to play he game of baseball. When reading about Gehrig before reading his speech, I found out that he retired because of a disease that was crippling and is now named after him. That is why in his farewell speech he did not want pity, which in my opinion shows great character. If you look at the speeches given today they always have some sort of pity poor me in them. Gehrig was 39 when diagnosed and still didn't have that attitude. I suppose that is just another reason I really enjoyed this speech. I would not change one thing about this speech, but if I had to it would be the conclusion. He could have made it a tad bit longer. But I understand why he didn't. He wanted it personal but not to personal. He wanted to give credit and recognize others and say goodbye, without it
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