Loug Ung's Memoir 'First They Killed My Father'?

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Imagine being younger and forced to live in horrible conditions. In Loung Ung’s memoir, First They Killed My Father, she explains how she feels about the horrific conditions she was going through as a child of war.

To begin with when Ung was younger her life was threatened on a daily basis because of her beliefs. For example in the the text explains ,“Capitalist should be shot and killed” (Ung #312). This quote explains that as a capitalist while Ung was younger, she was threatened if she didn 't listen, or did what she was told. Additionally, Ung was forced to leave her home where she felt safe and where she grew up . She illustrates that, “Ung and her family were sent to a work camp…”(Ung #314). This quotation explains that encompass
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