Louie Zamparini's Struggle In 'Unbroken'

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The human nature is one of restlessness and struggles. In Unbroken, Louie Zamparini was never able to escape his troubled nature until he met Christ. Louie tried many things including running, alchohol, and almost murder just to feel content in life. None of them succeeded until Louie became a christian. When Louie Zamparini was a child, he never really fit in. He was a trouble maker who was a skilled food theif. He was teased in school and bullied often. This was very upsetting for him. The only thing that he could do about it, he felt, was to become strong and tough enough to beat up the bullies. This worked for a while, but Louie became even more short tempered and restless. Louie began to commit far more serious crimes than petty theft, …show more content…

Originally, Louie was a slow runner and felt humiliated. He tried harder, not because he liked it, but because he had to win. He started to get faster, eventually breaking records and pushing the limits of what he could do. As he did this, the crowds at his meets grew larger and the applause became more and more addicting. Running was a way for him to let go of life. It made him feel more fulfilled, but only for a time. Louie, always searching for something more fulfilling and exiting in life, decided to join the air force in 1942. He met very good freinds there, including his best friend, Phil, but war is never a good thing. Louie and Phil ended up crashing their bomber into the ocean. They drifted in a raft with another man, Mac, for 47 days. Mac died before they were picked up by the Japanese and sent to a prisoner of war camp. Joining the war was not the fullfiling thing that Louie wanted it to be, just as stealing things, although exilerating, only got him in …show more content…

His restless nature and his desire to find a way to fix even the worst scenarios, like those in the prison camps, was at work again. This time, however, it was trying to figure a way out of PTSD. PTSD, an acronym for post traumatic stress disorder, is a mental illness that occurs after a surverely traumatic event. It is usually occompanied by depression, suicidal thoughts, extreme restlessness, and vivid nightmares (National Center for PTSD). When he was freed from the POW camp, Louie truly believed that he had emerged unbroken. However, at home, he began to have terrible nightmares of his tormenter, the bird, killing him. Louie began to drink in order to prevent himself from seeing this. He also tried running again, but he didn’t really enjoy it and was physically not capable of what he previously had done. Louie quickly went on a downward spiral as he became completely alcoholic. His wife, Cynthia, nearly divorced him as he began to be increasingly violent. Although Louie was alcoholic, he knew that alcohol never really would fix his problems. The final solution, he believed was only to kill his tormenter, the bird. Louie was preoccupied by this thought and would have done it, but he didn’t have enough money to go to Japan. Because of his PTSD, Louie was more desperate than ever to find something to soothe his restless personality. All of his attempts at this, however, only harmed

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