Louie Zamperini: A Brief Biography

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Louie Zamperini had a rollercoaster of a life as he suffered from pains many would find unbearable and joys one would dream of. Louie was born on January 26,1917 in Olean, New York. Louie had a passion for running as long as he could remember according to himself. Louie was a troublemaker. He often stole from local stores as he often was in trouble with the law. Louie then realized it was time for rehabilitation which consisted of running and running and running. When Louie graduated from high school he went on to attend UCLA and shattered the track record held by his brother. Louie had received a 4:42 mile, while his brother Pete had merely got a 5:03. He later went on to the 1936 olympics where he tied gold in the 5000 meter with another
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