Louie Zamperini

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A hero does not fight for himself, this is a story about a man who stopped at nothing to save people. Louie Zamperini is a hero because of all the people he saved in the Labor Camp Rebellion in Tokyo, Japan. Louise also was an Olympian that set a standard for track and field. Louie accomplished these outstanding things, but he also endured many hardships. Louie struggled through four Prisoner of War camps, just barely surviving. After the war, and after all of his struggles, he gets married and carried on his legacy as one of the best Olympians to ever participate in the Olympics.
Louie Zamperini has done extraordinary things. Louie’s life started out rough. His family immigrated to the United States. When his family settled in a bad neighborhood
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When Louie was imprisoned in the Labor camp in Tokyo, He led an uprising with 100 other prisoners, he led them to a victory which took over the labor camp. This shows he is a hero. He was willing to take a chance to save all these people that were in the same position that he was. After the war, he started to give back to the people. When Louie was young, he stole numerous things from people. He gave all those items back, he also started an activities program for kids and teens who want to learn how to do more things in their lives, Louie also started touring around the world doing peace talks; telling his story about the camps and being lost at sea. Louie 's voice preached across the world, his voice rang saying "Let there be peace to all mankind"(Zamperini 2). He set an example for the people who want to make a difference in this world. His main goal was to allow people across any part of the world to live a free and harmonious life. Louie Zamperini emphasizes that anyone can be anything in this world. He wants people to enjoy life. "You just have to believe in yourself, and then no one can stop you"(Zamperini
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