Time Can Heal Wounds Analysis

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Although, it was hard for the Japanese-Americans and Americans to not feel invisible. They tried their hardest to resist and come out alive, and they did with their never giving up attitude. Even though Louie Zamperini was a great Olympian and World War II fighter, he had some hope even in harsh conditions. He was persistent and never gave up even when he wanted to. Miné Okubo was also like that, she was an artist and a very talented girl. Although, she was Japanese and raised in America the US government still held her captive because she was Japanese. This shows that even though they are going through a rough time they still kept going and tried harder to live life like they used to. The saying “ time can heal wounds” is true, if you give your scars time to heal they would…show more content…
They were false alarms, but something was coming. Louie watched the sky and hoped the americans come before bird kills him” (Hillenbrand 181) He had hope even though the bird did all sorts of things to him like whip him, starve him, give him diarrhea, etc. but he kept going with the little bit of pride he had left. In conclusion, I think that the Japanese-Americans and Americans did a good job on holding the little bittest of pride they had left, they were in harsh environments and they endured all of it. Although history had hard times we are sure not to ever repeat our mistakes because repeating mistakes lead to the same disaster. You have to figure out what you did wrong and then fix that wrong to make it right. Japanese-Americans and Americans had hard times but everyone got through it because they had a life for a reason and were determined they would make it out alive. Repeating history is easy but not repeating it is harder and in order to feel like we are alive we need to know what pain is but never the same thing. Easy things aren’t worth doing, but hard things are because you did something that you thought you could never
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