Louie Zamperini In Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken

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An outstanding athlete, Louie Zamperini, determined, rebellious, track star and a WWII survivor. A troubled life as a kid, but was pushed by his older brother, Pete, to run. Louie hated it, but then after running more he loved it as he became a very famous track athlete. His life changed in an instant when he was called to serve for his country. Louie Zamperini, from Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken, exhibits many character traits but in all, determined, and rebellious are most relevant. The thrilling Zamperini coming down the home stretch! A rebellious start to his childhood. Stealing pies from local bakeries, drinking, smoking, and many other flagrant actions. When Louie first heard of the eugenics plans, he got frighten and changed his actions by training with his brother Pete to run. In fact, Louie’s rebellious actions pay off when he is a POW(prisoner of war) held by the Japanese in WWII.…show more content…
Determination! When Zamperini ran he never gave up to the end. He fought until he won. “Louie was determined that no matter what happened to their bodies, their minds would stay under their control.”(145) Louie and his crew were determined to stay alive and sane until they can be rescued, and to believe that they will survive. Since Louie was a child, he was always determined to rebel against the limits. “From earliest childhood, Louie had regarded every limitation placed on him as a challenge to his wits, his resourcefulness, and his determination to rebel…”(148) Louie Zamperini rebelled every limitation in his childhood, and has paid off for his survival. Throughout Louie’s life, many of what he did paid off all the way to the end. “In his tired mind, two words were repeating themselves, I’m free! I’m free! I’m free!”(223) Louie Zamperini finally free from the POW camp. All of his rebellious actions are paid off to be
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