Louis And The Angels Analysis

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Recording Review The album I chose to analyze is Louis and the Angels by Louis Armstrong and his band conducted by Sy Oliver Choral (CD Universe). The album was recorded in New York, New York and the record label was Universal Music LLC and the album was released in 1957 (CD Universe). It was released as a CD in 2001 by Verve label (CD Universe). The genre is jazz, specifically swing and ragtime. All the songs on this album have vocals, and all the songs are generally slow with Armstrong playing the trumpet and singing, and he is accompanied by several backup singers and an eight person band. This music is intended for listening, but with all of the songs having good melody and harmony, it could be danced to. The songs on this album are softer and have a pleasant sound and texture. The music is very comforting and the instrumental seems practiced and refined. The recording quality is good, the words and instrumentals are good and understandable. The singing on this album is very important and without the singing there would not be much to the song. Many of the songs are romantic with sentimental lyrics that help the listener understand the music and the album as a whole. For example in the song Angel the lyrics are:
“Angel you are my inspiration, Angel, sweetest in all creation, darling, I see a road
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The trumpet is a good transition into Armstrong’s vocals, which are slow and tell a story of a man with poor intentions meeting a woman who was looking for a man to fall in love with. He tries, and succeeds to get her to kiss him, by trying to be romantic and complementing her, but in the end he kisses her and realizes that he meant everything he told her and he ends up falling in love. Like the whole album this song is romantic and when listening to it one can feel how genuine Armstrong is when he is singing. A good lyric form this song
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