How Did Classical Music Affect Louis Armstrong's Life

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Jazz music has adapted to keep up with the times and influence many other songs people listen to today. Music in general would not be what it is without Louis Armstrong. Armstrong added the flamboyant improvisations and solos jazz that made it what it is today. Armstrong changed music though the course of his career and has kept his influence on it and popularity to this day.
Armstrong grew up an average kid in a poor family, but he had a lot of ambition. After years of poverty he was able to find his talent and it took him far. In New Orleans on August 4, 1901 Armstrong was born to a poor family in a community nicknamed ¨the Battlefield¨(¨Louis Armstrong biography¨). His childhood was a struggle without his father in such a brutal neighborhood.
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With the help of Joe “King” Oliver he was now getting his own gigs and part of a band. Armstrong was now a full fledged musician. Armstrong still had to work odd jobs at first but he would often play in kid Ory’s band with King Oliver ( Soon he would take Oliver's spot in the band which would give him his first job as a full time musician. This led to his Hot Five and Hot Seven. After being featured on multiple records for many different bands Armstrong was offered a chance to be recorded with a band under his own name ( Armstrong’s new spotlight grew his popularity in large strides. His personal style of playing and ability to make jazz a solo friendly music became the people's new favorite type of jazz. He put out many records and his popularity grew even in outside countries. Armstrong also was the beginning of the popularity of “scat” singing ( With the hot five and seven his first two most commons songs were “Cornet Chop Suey” and “Potato Head Blues”. Both were heavy with his singing and masterful trumpets solos and improvisations. It was this one of a kind Jazz and blues feeling that got him to the top of the

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