Louis Armstrong: The Song Hello Dolly !

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When the topic of jazz comes to mind , many famous musicians are thought of including Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald ,Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis. Among these talented artists is a New Orleans native singer and extraordinary trumpet player named Louis Armstrong. Armstrong otherwise known as “Pops” or “Satchmo” is arguably one of the most influential, important, and greatest music figures of all time. From his expansive career to his captivating stage presence, Louis Armstrong carries the title of modernizing jazz and is responsible for impacting not only jazz but Frank Sinatra’s singing , popularizing scat singing, and inspiring Miles Davis through his trumpet. Born into a poor family in a rough neighborhood known as the Battlefield…show more content…
Originally it was first sung by a Broadway cast member, Carol Channing, but it was later recorded once more by Louis Armstrong in 1963 in hopes to promote the Broadway show also named Hello, Dolly!. Armstrong’s commercial single hit made went on to be number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, topping off The Beatles and making Louis Armstrong one of the oldest artists to ever reach number one on the list. The song itself is very predictable and simple, yet it’s the way his unique vocals and the swinging trumpet solo that makes the song one of a kind. Specifically his solo’s contained a tremendous amount of souls making the piece juristically different from most singers. He picked just the right phrases and notes to emphasize while keeping it simple and clean. To add onto this his strong presence and the force of personality made the song ever more so irresistible to the listener. After listening to this song the first time, I knew that his voice was one of a kind to the point that it was unmatched, as he quickly become one of my favorite artists. Louis Armstrong went on to win the Grammy Award for the Song of the year for ‘Hello Dolly!’ in 1965 while also receiving another Grammy for the Best Male Vocal Performance., and was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1972. At this point in time Louis Armstrong had played for millions of listeners and fans around the world including cities all over continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Everywhere that Louis went, he had an audience that adored him for who he was and for his incredible talent whether it be as a composer, trumpet player, or a singer. Undoubtedly, Louis was sure to have fans that did not understand him, let alone understood the English language,. However, the connection they made from his character, life, and the way he made them feel made a
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