Louis Armstrong's Influence On Jazz Music

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Have you ever heard a song on the radio and wondered how this person is famous or how they are even relevant. I wondered this when I heard a Louis Armstrong song. Louis Armstrong is an extraordinary person. His life is truly remarkable. I had a desire to learn more about his life. I asked these questions, first how has he influenced jazz music, next how his childhood made him who he is, and finally how he will be remembered. To begin we will talk about how his childhood made him who he is. To begin, Louis Armstrong did not have a good childhood. In “ Louis Armstrong” by DISCovering Biography it states, “Armstrong was born July 4, 1901, in a poor black neighborhood in New Orleans Louisiana. His parents separated when he was five years old. His poverty has been described as a key factor in the discovery of his affinity for music, however, for he sang in the streets for pennies as a child.” Armstrong had to help support his tattered…show more content…
According to “ Louis Armstrong” by DISCovering Biography it states "You can't play a note on the horn that Louis hasn't already played," said Miles Davis.” You might think that people before Armstrong have done this. That may be true but Armstrong is famous for it. In the article “Armstrong Louis” it states, “ A famous innovator, Armstrong was a major influence on the melodic development of jazz in the 1920s; because of him solo performance attained a position of great importance in jazz.” Armstrong revolutionized the way we think of jazz. He made solos a thing. He showed the community what he could do. This will change the jazz world forever. According to "Louis Armstrong." DISCovering Multicultural America” it states,”During the next four years he made a series of recordings which profoundly influenced the course of jazz.” In his songs he would reinvent jazz every time. He would start a new era of jazz. Finally we will talk about how he will be
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