Louis Chapter Summaries

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At the beginning of the novel the main character Louis, an Akanbi Indian, lives a simple life selling baskets he and his mother make from ash trees. Louis’s father who had been a logger had gone on a routine logging trip years ago and never returned, leaving Louis and his mother to fend for themselves.Louis and his mother were traveling from town to town selling their baskets and living off the land when they were approached by a white man who wanted to recruit Louis for the union army. Louis’s mother was reluctant to let him join but, the pay would allow them to buy land where they could farm and settle down, eventually she gives in. Louis joins and is assigned to the 69th Irish brigade, known for its pride and bravery in battle.

After joining the army Louis is quickly trained and is soon marched into his first battle. Lois, his brigade and three other brigades are ambushed in savage and horrendous attack. Louis somewhat enjoys the battle feeling alive and important, but his enjoyment is short lived after taking major casualties the troops are forced to retreat. Louis and his brigade endure many historic and bloody battles such
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After this Louis describes everything being under a fog like haze. Louis hears unheard sounds and sees many broken blurry sights.Louis is taken to the depot hospital a large hospital made of tents occupying 200 acres in Petersburg Virginia. Louis had suffered many bullet wounds and loss of blood and was tended to at the hospital until his mother came sensing he was in need of help. His mom resists the hospital security and negotiates to take her son. Louis’s mother knows medicine and tends to him in his new home in the mountains of Vermont. When he arrives Louis meets his planned bride and lives with her, his mother until he heals. The story ends when Louis hears distant thunder, and while reminiscing his time in the war he vows to
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