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Louis Chevrolet You will be reading about Louis Chevrolet, which not only is famous for racing but also for creating Chevrolet, of which soon left ford in the dust. As Louis Chevrolet once said “Movement is the universal language of personal freedom.” This was more than likely said because he loved moving …. moving very fast. VERY fast, so fast that he once set the world speed record of 119 mph! This was in a 200 horsepower V8. Back then that was a very fast motor. Now he didn 't just start with cars, he used to race bikes. When he was introduced to the car with its internal combustion engine, he was hooked. And that is when he met William C. Durant. William Durant is the head founder of Chevrolet. He created General Motors Corporation…show more content…
This is when Durant proposed a business proposition. They made a great team but Louis missed his old life so he quit working with Durant and went back to racing. If he had stayed he would have became a millionaire. He parted from the company in 1915. Soon after, Durant made plans on expanding the company. After putting time and all of his money in the business disaster struck as the car market decreased dramatically. The company became bankrupt and was then helped by a fellow car company. Louis and Durant were only in business together for 4 years, not including the years when they designed the cars. In this seemingly short period of time they innovated the car business. GM ended up getting 11 auto companies to join its corporation. Sadly Durant left GM in 1920 and managed a bowling alley in Flint. Louis stayed a racer for years, racing in all kinds of racing events. He stayed with his passion until he lost all of his belongings in a fire. After many strokes, Louis quit his job at the wheel and axel plant. He and his wife moved to Florida. He lived to be a famous race car driver and a automobile company founder and didn 't fear anything. He never gave concern about his own safety. He died in 1941 on a visit to Michigan, he was brought back to Florida and buried next to his brother Gaston. He will be remembered as Chevrolet lives on. As for Durant, he died at the ripe old age of 85 and died in 1947, 6 years after

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