Louis H. Sullivan's Thought

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Sullivan’s Thought Paper Sullivan’s Thought Paper In the article “Thought” was written by Louis H. Sullivan, he expresses his thoughts on creative thinking. One of Sullivan’s main points is that words are only useful when people communicate with others by writing or talking to them, but not when they communicate by using music, paintings, sculptures, and gestures among others. He says words are inefficient, just by the fact that they slow down the thinking process. Sullivan also makes the claim that most of the times when a person is thinking he is not really thinking creatively, he is using another person’s thoughts. This claim, however, is quite doubtful. Sullivan did not offer concrete evidence supporting this claim, so this can be considered as an opinion and readers might as well not believe what he is saying. Sullivan’s theory was that nine times out of ten, you are thinking the other man’s thoughts not your own. Assuming Sullivan’s theory is true, even with the lack of evidence,…show more content…
The human’s brain starts to process information as the senses send data to it, thus if they do not touch, smell, see, hear, or sense something it does not have anything to think about. For example, when a professor asks his students a question where they have to think creatively, they initiate to think because the professor made their mind wander. In this case, if it was not for the professor’s question the students would not have thought about that. The same issue happens when a person is reading a book or watching a TV show. They start to formulate questions as they see or read something that does not make sense to them or that they can relate to a different object or thought. So, by having this in mind, people can tell that their ideas are not original because there was something that sparked their ability to
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