Louis Pasteur Fighter Against Contagious Disease Summary

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“How did the book change your perspective or increase your understanding of your topic or the time during which it occurred?”

Louis Pasteur Fighter against contagious disease, by Marylou Morano Kjelle, gave me a better understanding on all the different inventions and discoveries Louis Pasteur worked on. Marylou in this book focused on not only Louis Pasteur’s inventions but his way of thinking and figuring things out. While reading this book I have realized that louis Pasteur has went through a lot over the years of his life. For example, there was a time where a bunch of people got bitten from a rabid dog and then got rabies, but people just had to die from it because they didn't have a vaccine to save their lives. That's when Louis Pasteur came into play and made a vaccine that he thought could possibly save someone's life from rabies. This is what changed my perspective, knowing that Mr.Pasteur has made a vaccine years and years from today that saved people's lives from rabies. Now you look back and start to thank Mr.Pasteur for his hard work because if Mr.Pasteur never made a vaccine to cure a rabie bite lots of people might have died.

In March of 1885, it was time to start testing if the vaccine actually worked. Mr.Pasteur already found out it worked on animals
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Pasteur and gave some of the challenges Mr. Pasteur went through to save people's lives. While reading this novel I was able to see what Mr. Pasteur’s personality was like and he is a very patriotic person but he is also a very serious hard working person. There was a time where he met this lady and fell in love with her and so they decided to get married. Mr. Pasteur being a busy person almost missed the ceremony because he was so caught up in his experiments so he had to rush to get there. Overall this novel made me realized the things that Mr. Pasteur had invented and made me think about how the world has changed today because of Mr.

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