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Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and microbiologist, was born on December 27, 1822, in Dole, located in the Jura region of France. He lived and grew up in a town called Arbois with his father, Jean-Joseph Pasteur. Louis was very skilled at drawing and at painting from a very young age. He first got a bachelor of arts degree in 1840 and then a bachelor of science degree in 1842 at the Royal College of Besançon. He then got a doctorate in 1847 from the École Normale in Paris. After that, he spent several years researching and teaching at Dijon Lycée. In 1848, he became a chemistry professor at the University of Strasbourg. There he met Marie Laurent, and they got married on May 29th, 1849. They had 5 children but only 2 of them made it through childhood. In his lifetime, Pasteur had many great contributions to the science community. He is very popular in the history of…show more content…
He proved that microbes were attacking the healthy silkworm eggs, causing an unknown disease. He also proved that in order to eliminate the disease, the microbes has to be eliminated. He developed a method to prevent their contamination and it was soon used by silk producers throughout the world. As I said before, Pasteur did not discover the vaccines but he build on the work of Edward Jenner. In 1879, he discovered the vaccination for the disease called chicken cholera the was killing many at the time. After accidentally exposing chickens to the attenuated form of a culture, he demonstrated that they became resistant to the actual virus. Pasteur went on to extend his germ theory to develop causes and vaccinations for other diseases such as anthrax, cholera, TB, and rabies. In 1882, the year of his acceptance into the Académie Française, he decided to focus his efforts on the problem of rabies. In 1885, Pasteur vaccinated Joseph Meister, a 9-year-old boy who was infected with rabies by being bitten by a rabid dog. He was successful and Joseph was

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