Louis Riel And The Red River Rebellion In Canada

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Introduction After the Red River Rebellion, the Metis received many of their demands in the Manitoba Act, but because of the scrip system, many didn’t receive the land they were promised causing them to move west into nowadays Saskatchewan. While living in the west, the Metis were losing patience with the Canadian government to gain title to their land. The government had surveyed the land out to pay for the Canadian Pacific Railway, which the Metis didn’t know, and wouldn’t give any away. The government was treating the Aboriginals cruelly; they let them starve and didn’t keep their promises to help them flourish in the western economy. The Metis had had enough with the government and decided to bring back Louis Riel from Montana. With Riel back in Canada, the government was worried about the uprising of another rebellion. Louis Riel and the Metis provisional government created in the Red River Rebellion Actions towards the Government…show more content…
When word got out that Riel was back, MacDonald was eager to finish the railway construction to transfer troops in case of a rebellion in the west. There were many conflicts between the North West Mounted Police/militia and the Metis/Aboriginals. These conflicts included: Battle of Duck Lake, Looting of Battleford, Frog Lake Massacre, Battle of Fort Pitt, Battle of Fish Creek, Battle of Cut Knife, Battle of Batoche, Battle of Frenchman’s Butte, and Battle of Loon Lake; the main battles being Duck Lake, Frog Lake, Fish Creek, and
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