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In my opinion Louis Riel is a martyr because of the things he did for his beliefs. Being a martyr requires more than just a cause, it requires the individual to have strong beliefs for their religion, and then being killed due to those beliefs. Louis Riel would be classified as a martyr due to his actions and contributions for his religion as a Metis man. He helped develop and create an identity for the Metis community. He made a list of rights for Metis individuals some of which include the right to elect legislature, all sheriffs, magistrates and etc be elected by the people, all documents and acts of legislature be published in both french and english, etc. Louis Riel was also known as the Metis leader and a canadian politician, founder …show more content…

In 1869, the Metis rised a rebellion against the transfer of their territories from the Hudson’s Bay Company to the Dominion of Canada , and Louis Riel was their leader. After years of leadership and success , in 1884 Louis Riel was involved in another rebellion , but this was quickly crushed by the military might of the Canadian government , and Louis Riel surrendered. The Metis were defeated on May 12, 1885. Louis Riel was found guilty of treason ( which means the crime of betraying one’s country) and hanged as a traitor on November 16, 1885, Regina, Canada. The execution of Louis Riel was a huge defeat for the Metis. Louis Riel was also a Canadian politician , a founder of the province Manitoba. He was the eldest of 11 children. Louis started the rebellion when he noticed that with the arrival of anglophone settlers racism had became …show more content…

I don’t think it is, because if it was then our world wouldn’t be as amazing as it is today. Louis Riel wanted to create a society in which his religion was identified, though his group of people were a minority, they still deserved rights. Till death Riel’s only goal was to do this. He was a leader of a rebellion group, but he did much more than even a leader could, he gave his life. It started with him trying to prevent the majority Metis territories from being taken and transferred to the Dominion of Canada from the Hudson 's Bay Company. He then throughout his journey formed a list of rights with which he helped identify

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