Louis Vuitton Case Study

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Introduction and Company Background The report is about the strategic appraisal of Louis Vuitton which is mainly a French based fashion house and founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854. The report will incorporate a brief background of the company as to its core business emulated by the industry it operates in. The background will further proceed with its geographical markets, the products and services being offered, their makret segments, their imperative stakeholders and what generic strategy is being followed by them. As mentioned earlier, the products of Louis Vuitton are fashion based that range from leather goods to ready to wear, from luxury trunks to shoes, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, books and accessories. Louis Vuitton is pioneer in the global based fashion houses and the the products are offered through lease departments in high end department stores, e-commerce website and standalone boutiques. Louis Vuitton is found to be the significant luxurious fashion based brand while being a standout among numerous world 's profitable brands due to the fact that the profit margin approaches to 40 percent at most. From six back to back years i.e. from 2006-2012, It has been named as the most valuable luxury brand globally. This particular powerhouse of luxury operates around 3385 stores crosswise over North America, Europe and Asia which incorporates Japan and China as well. However, Europe has 33% of its stores, Asia is Louis Vuitton 's single biggest market that

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