Louis Vuitton Product Strategy

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Louis Vuitton is considered to be a successful luxurious brand due many reasons, concerning its marketing plan. One thing that contributes to its success is the product strategy. The product strategy is divided into three main decisions: Individual product, product line and product mix decisions. The first decision is basically about the processes of identifying the product attributes, branding, labeling, packaging and finally providing services to satisfy the consumers. The product attributes of LV have a very prominent role in contributing to the brand’s success. First of all, Louis Vuitton’s quality proves to be both waterproof and fireproof. Moreover, concerning the materials, they have high quality of canvas and PVC that make its products…show more content…
In my own perspective, I believe that Louis Vuitton has a good approach in developing long term relationships with their customers, as it allows the customers to contact the advisors whenever they want, but I believe that LV should also offer something like a warranty card in order to increase their customers’ esteem. In fact, the other two levels, which are the product line and product mix, are basically concerned with the different categories offered by the brand. Product line is a collection of products grouped together for different purposes and sold by a company. As for the product mix, it is the total number of product lines that a company offers to its customers. The varieties of products that LV offers are finest bags, unique dresses, designer shoes, and exquisite watches. It also has other range of products such as wallets, eyewear, jewelry, scarves, briefcases, belts, etc. In a nutshell, what proves that the product strategy of Louis Vuitton is flourishing, in my own point of view, is that its products show an economic and a social status of those who purchase them. Also, the replica cannot copy the quality of the bag because most people forget that these products were produced to be very durable at the first

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