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Drool Over Louis Vuitton 's Most Expensive Item to Date Let 's face it, almost every woman that we know would certainly dreamt of owning a Louis Vuitton bag once in their lives. Having a designer bag tucked away in one 's closet have been flipped as a status symbol over the years. True enough, many women have subscribed to the idea that these bags, no matter how costly, is definitely worth their money, attention and lust. If you 're one of the luck few who belongs to the uppermost echelons of the society, then the brand Louis Vuitton might never struck your body 's frenetic chord as you 're somewhat used to it. But if you 're just a fan of everything fancy in fashion, then you might drool so much upon Louis Vuitton 's take in monstrosity---the release of their most…show more content…
The brand have been known to be notorious on pricing their bags and other collections at the most measly tags possible. The established name within the fashion industry have given Louis Vuitton the right to accordingly rate their stuff with prices that are sometimes ridiculous, but we all know that they are not even closing to joking. Just recently, the brand have made public their most expensive handbag to date, the all-new Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag. Despite the fact that the bag 's design line is already existing, this doesn 't stop the company on finding ways to upgrade it with the use of only the finest materials, some tweaks here and there, et voila, a new fad that women can lust forever. The well-famed City Steamer Bag specifically cost $55,500 as according to the brand 's official website. The material used to complete this megalomania is majorly crocodile skin, which is quite rare for a Louis Vuitton luxury item. The specified size of this bag is at 12.2×10.2×5.5 inches for its length, weight and height respectively. Louis Vuitton avid clients would be delighted to know that golden-colored metallic pieces have been used to accentuate the beige body, giving it the class and pizzazz it

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