Louis Vuitton Target Market Analysis

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The company’s logo and monogram being seen on their products is something which is easily recognized by every customer. It is not only well known but has a rich history. Louis Vuitton is known globally and has a strong image in Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Japan which are leading financial hubs and individuals with high net worth. Largest luxury brand with exclusivity Traditional craftsmanship is not compromised by Louis Vuitton as these products are made to fine details and of exquisite material, discount and promotion does not happen and defective products are disposed immediately as written in their policy. Louis Vuitton products are highly priced due to superior quality, degree of scarcity and exclusivity. Advertising using celebrities…show more content…
The target market of louis Vuitton in divided into two key segments, the wealthy middle aged women from 35 to 54 years old is the first segment while the fashionable young female adults from the age 18 to 34 years old who have income saved to buy one wishes. Average customer of Louis Vuitton are high level & social class people who are into fashion and very conscious as well. High social status is achieved by owning such products from Louis Vuitton. Demographic Segmentation Louis Vuitton has used Demographic segmentation to segment the market. It divides the market on different groups of life stages based on age, sex and income. Louis Vuitton has segment life stage as stylish and supreme quality clothes and accessories is used by elite and rich people. The main target for Louis Vuitton is 18 to 34 years old elite and rich people who have five-digit income saved after necessary bills paid and house hold purchase. Phytography Customers who are self-empowered, often travelling and trying out new things and setting trends are the target customers of louis Vuitton. These customers want to earn the respect and buy luxury products which maintains or increases their status. (Louis Vuitton 4, 5,

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