Robespierre And The Terror

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The investigation will study the following question: To what extent was the execution of Louis XVI influenced by the Reign of the “Terror” in France 1793? In order to develop a reasoned argument, secondary sources will be used. The main sources used in this investigation are the following: -Robespierre and the Terror by Marisa Linton. (August 2006). Retrieved 20/04/16, from This first source was chosen to know more about the life of Robespierre and his point of view about the French revolution since he was the “successor” of Louis XVI after his execution. History Today is an history magazine published monthly in United Kingdom. It was created since January 1951…show more content…
However, the events before the French Revolution are needed to be reviewed to clearly identify the source of the Reign the “Terror” in France. The source of the Terror is divided in two sides, France with its people before the revolution and the execution of King Louis. Both are linked by the social, economic and political crisis which was happening at this time in France. At this time, he was already married to Marie-Antoinette. The reason for not having found a solution to the deficit of money in France was mainly because Louis XVI was a king easily influenced. Even his passion of hunting was more important that the actual state of France. We can already notice that Louis XVI wasn’t appreciate at this time because of how he governed on France. When the French Revolution started in Paris, the common class revolted against the nobility and the monarchy but also against the lack of leadership of Louis XVI. In the early 1789 the crisis is at this highest point, and the farmers are the first affected . The weather for the agriculture is mediocre and the only revenues they can get is by selling wine to survive and don’t die by famine. The prices are increasing more than the salaries. The lack of agriculture production affected the economy of France and people of France started to feel oppressed by this situation. The lack of credibility of Louis XVI as a king made people even more looking for changes inside France. French people demonstrated their need of changes by revolting all around France. When Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette tried to escape the 20th June 1791 (Escape to Varennes) from Paris and were getting arrested the day after make them lost all the truth regarding to the people of France. The anti-monarchists used this act to demonstrate Louis XVI as an enemy of the Revolution. One year and a half after his escape, he was executed by guillotine in
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