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Introduction: The story of Louis Zamperini, a selfless World War Two fighter written by Laura Hillenbrand shows the life of a noble fighter. The book has been quoted to be, “A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption” (Laura Hillenbrand). Louis grows up a rebel and a star runner at his high school and as he goes to the Olympics. He notices the war reality occurring and makes a decision to be fighter to serve others. Chapter One: Author’s Craft Building Relationships (Description) Hillenbrand shows that in fighting situations, war fighters have each other’s back and risk their own lives/ well being for others. This is illustrated in the text as, “Two weeks had passed. The men’s skin was burned, swollen, and cracked.” (page 155). This describes how fighters in the war would risk their own health to protect other fighters and universally to protect their country. In addition on page 204, the text describes how Louis and his “crew” made a decisions to risk their lives when it was not their duty to do it. While in Japan, they risked their own lives to free people in the Prisoners of War camps because they all had this universal trust. The POW camps were run by “The Bird” which in LOuis and his crew 's eyes, he needed to be…show more content…
I have come to think that, the things you experience make you reconsider your future. From page 3 the text says, “The sky had disappeared” by the German dirigible Graf Zeppelin in his neighborhood and he ran inside and was scared what would happen. It was also described as “the largest flying machine ever”.This is also important when later in the story, Hillenbrand adds details of how Louis has memory moments that refer to that time. This ultimately leads Louis to make his choice of career as a World War Two

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