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Sinigaglia 1
Chiara Sinigaglia
Ms. Vyse
English 2 Honors
April 15, 2016
?Unbroken?: How Louis Zamperini Survived Suffering Using Faith and Hope In ?Unbroken,? Louis Zamperini, a delinquent runner, has to use his faith and free will to get through his hardships in life, particularly when he faces the Japanese concentration camps. Driven to the limits of endurance, Louis looks upon his hopes and dreams whilst he gets stuck with two other soldiers in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He faces the brutality of the camps, the hardships of immigration, agonizing suffering and his faith/free will tempting him. Louis? character starts to evolve as he enters the war and finally sees the chaos and viciousness that is enthralled into the war itself.
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Immigrants faced discrimination from American citizens and had to make a living for themselves, while still trying to fit in. As it is said in the article, ?The Philosophy of Immigration,? ?? the power of absorption possessed by the people of the United States is astonishing?? (The Philosophy of Immigration). This quote is saying that American citizens thought that they held so much power over anyone that was not where Americans were from and the citizens did not care for anyone that was a ?foreigner? to them. Americans would ridicule immigrants and did not bother with their business. Immigrating to the United States took a toll on Louis and he did not deal with it very well. Hillenbrand writes, ?Louis began drinking one night when he was eight?? (Hillenbrand 15). He got picked on by other classmates because he was Italian and no one really treated his family well, except for Louis? brother, Pete. This could be a reason Louis started drinking- to get attention. He wanted to be seen and noticed, even if what he was doing was against the law. Even though Louis hated all the attention Pete was getting, he is the reason Louis started to run track and field. Running was a distraction for Louis and made him focus more on physical activity, rather than being a drunk all day. Louis had finally found his passion and started to strive for the…show more content…
resilience would not have been possible. Although, he still did suffer a lot of trauma, as most survivors of these situations do. ?It is common medical knowledge that all physical trauma, of whatever degree or duration, lose their effects when the psychologically traumatizing event ceases to operate? (Niederland 1). This quote connects to Louis because he suffered a traumatic experience in the concentration and the trauma changed him. Prisoners faced a hard time returning back to their regular, everyday lives and act like their traumatic experience never happened. The only thing that kept Louis sane during that time was his faith and hope because without it, he would have gone
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