Louis Zamperini's Character Analysis

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There is no doubt that Louis Zamperini fits the description of a modern hero because of his mental strength, physical strength, determination, and his bravery. Louis Zamperini dealt with many things during his time as a Prisoner of War (P.O.W.) and other times during his life that classify him as a modern hero. His physical strength is shown in many different ways throughout the duration of Unbroken, written by Laura Hillenbrand. The first time it was mentioned was when Zamperini made it to the Olympics at the young age of 19 and clocked a quarter mile in 56 seconds during his race. He showed his physical strength when he and Phil lasted 47 days in a life raft after crashing their place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Zamperini keeps showing his physical strength throughout Unbroken because he wouldn’t…show more content…
He showed his bravery by repeatedly standing up to the Bird by specifically doing what he Bird didn’t want him to even though he knew he would get beaten. While in P.O.W. camps in Japan, he showed his bravery by stealing food for himself and other prisoners to eat. A smaller act of bravery was when he signed up for the Army Air Corps even though he was terrified of heights. Some people might not consider the things Louis did during the war brave because they weren’t huge acts against the Japanese, but they were still acts that required bravery, however small the amount. There were many different ways Louis Zamperini showed his bravery, even though some weren’t as big as others. Some people argue that Louis Zamperini wasn’t a hero because he struggled with alcoholism, but others disagree. He is still a hero for many other reasons, but he is also showing mental strength because he beat his drinking problem and devoted the rest of his life to God. Even though he struggled with alcoholism and overcoming his alcoholism, he beat his need for alcohol and that makes him even more of a
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