Louis Zamperini's Life And Accomplishments

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“If you can take it, you can make it. Keep on fighting!” This quote from Louis Zamperini states that you must fight until you reach success, and that you never should give up in what you believe in. From Louis Zamperini 's establishment of unassailable records to experiencing the harsh and horrible conditions of being stranded in the Pacific ocean for days, and becoming a prisoner in a Japanese territory is truly a remarkable story of his. Louis Silvie Zamperini was born in in January 1917 in Olean, New York. He was raised in California, while his parents were raised in Italy, and came to the United States as Italian immigrants. Zamperini’s father was Anthony Zamperini. His mother was Louise Dossi. Louis was the second oldest child. He had an older brother, named Pete zamperini, and two sisters named Virginia and Sylvia Zamperini. Zamperini…show more content…
Zamperini set many various records for his high school track team. He had then received a scholarship for his outstanding achievements in track. Louis dealt with much bullying at his school because he was unable to speak English fluently. In the early 1930’s, Louis Zamperini had started his education, and continued to stay educated until he graduated from the University of Southern California in 1940, where he used his scholarship he received when he set a mile record of 4.21.2 minutes during the championships of a race. Throughout the early years of Zamperini’s life, he had about eight years of education. Louis Zamperini was driven to become an athlete. Louis Zamperini’s early career had established with a cross country race competition in 1932. Throughout a duration of three

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