Louisa May Alcott Summary

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Louisa May Alcott’s short stay as a Civil War nurse gave her an opportunity to find her voice to provide the world with numerous stories. This story is derived from her experiences during the civil war. Hospital Sketches was the first result of her service as a Civil War nurse and it secured her future as a professional writer. She was greatly encouraged by the success of the book and wrote more stories about her wartime experiences. The story opens with Faith’s physician, Dr. Franck, requesting that she stay by the young Rebel officer. He was seriously ill with typhoid, the same illness Louisa suffered from. She is given a contraband, a free slave, who only goes by Bob. Bob is a mulatto which means he’s a person of white and black ancestry.…show more content…
After Faith goes to sleep, he carefully closes the window which had been available to the captain. Faith awoke and he was going to complete the assignment. The door was locked, he had the key and Faith in his grip. Bob was about to kill the rebel captain. The reason why I think this story should be added into the canon is because it talks about some of the things that nurses during the Civil War might have seen. The Civil war holds its title for being one of most important and influential wars in American history. This war started April 12, 1861 and ended May 9, 1865. The battle grounds were fought on by the union and confederate soldiers. The Civil War was the first time that the United States was evenly divided since the separation from the British in 1776. Also, during the times of the Civil War, the United States had two presidents. There was a president for the North and a different president for the South. The North had the majority of the factories, resources, men, and railroads. In order to set its separation in stone, the Southern states tried to introduce a new dollar in addition to continuing to hold slavery to a higher standard. The new dollar was pretty much worthless because the "country" had no gold to back it up. After the war the slaves were freed but nothing changed on how slaves were treated, even until this
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