Louise Erdrich Love Medicine Analysis

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How is your feeling when you are falling in love? Most of the people say “it is awesome” because they “fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.” How do show your love? Every person has his or her own ways to show his or her love; therefore, Erdrich’s character – Grandma Kashpaw in Love Medicine also has her own ways. According to Louise Erdrich: “Love Medicine was named for the belief in love potions, which is a part of Chippewa folklore. The novel explores the bonds of family and faith that preserver both the Chippewa tribal community and the individuals that comprise it.” Love Medicine talks about Chippewa Indian families and the story takes place on Turtle Mountain Reservation, North Dakota, so Erdrich’s…show more content…
Grandma Kashpaw loves Grandpa but a way she shows her love is very strange with us. She asks Lipsha to help her prepare turkey heart to make Love Medicine. After that, she serves raw turkey heart with meal for her husband. Because the raw turkey heart, he chokes and he passes away. After Grandpa passed away, Grandma Kashpaw regrets to ask him to eat the raw turkey heart. Besides that, Lipsha really regrets and feels so sorry because he blessed the turkey heart by himself with holy water. When they come back to home after Grandpa’s funeral, they think Grandpa is always by their side and he stays at home with them. James Ruppert said “The return of Nector Kashpaw’s ghost is even more mediational. Nector’s sudden death leaves him without a chance to say good-bye to the two women he loves. Lipsha and Marie know that when ghosts return they have a “certain uneasy reason to come back”.” On the other hand, “Psychologically we can explain the presence of the ghost as being a figment of an imagination under the stress of grief” (Mediation and Multiple Narrative in Love Medicine). Because Grandma Kashpaw loves Grandpa too much so the way she treats him is the way to kill him. However, according to Kathleen M.
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