Louise Erdrich's The Round House

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Going through a traumatizing event such as rape may alter a victim 's life, including those of their family. To recover from such an incident finding justice can be the best resort. Geraldine the victim in “The Round House” was raped and found covered in blood. Life on the reservation means that Geraldine will never be able to seek justice against her rapist. Her son, Joe, the protagonist in the novel further explains how he feels at the young age of thirteen. In the novel “The Round House” written by Louise Erdrich depicts the story from the perspective of Joe. Joe’s point of view outlines the development of his childhood. The themes of the novel tie together to tell the story of Geraldine 's rape. The novel “The Round House” incorporated three themes which include the discrimination on native women, the Judicial System, and having to grow up too quickly. The novel opens with the first theme which sets the tone for the rest of the novel. Joe describes all the actions that are taken to help his mother. The family rushes to the hospital off the reservation to only encounter prejudice from other patients. At this point, there is a clear representation that those who do not live within the reservation are disrespectful towards the natives. When checking in a pregnant woman comes up to Joe and says “Don’t you Indian have your own hospital over there? Aren 't you building a new one?”. (Erdrich 8) The comment does not go over well with Joe. Making him feel remorse because he
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