Louise Mallard And Calixta Analysis

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The Contrasts of Louise Mallard and Calixta Louise Mallard and Calixta are both the protagonists in separate feminist short stories by author Kate Chopin, but they differ from each other in many ways. They are both women that are in relationships that want to obtain freedom, but they differ greatly in the matter of faithfulness, the amount of freedom they desire, loyalty, ambition and the consequences they suffer due to desire for freedom. The two characters contrast on their faithfulness to their husbands. Mrs. Mallard appears to be a faithful wife, even though she does not seem to fully love her husband. Calixta meanwhile differs and even though she appears to love her husband, she is unfaithful to him with her ex boyfriend Alcee. Both the women want to obtain freedom, although to a different degree. Louise Mallard is looking forward to long-term freedom from her husband, while Calixta only seems interested in a brief moment of freedom…show more content…
Calixta is ambitious and attempts to gain her momentary freedom by her own actions, where as Louise Mallard obtains her short-lived freedom only by accident, when she learns of her husband’s death. The consequences for the characters differ also. Louise Mallard is so disappointed that her husband is alive and that she will not obtain the freedom she has been longing for that she dies from a heart attack. In contrast, the only consequences for Calixta, being as she didn’t get caught is the guilt for her actions that lives in her conscious. The taste of freedom is short lived by both women. In conclusion, Louise is a faithful, loyal, not ambitious wife, who wants long-term freedom from her husband, but dies and never gets to live out the freedom that she was so looking forward to. In contrast, Calixta is an unfaithful, disloyal, ambitious wife, who seeks short-term freedom from her relationship and obtains it, and then returns to her normal
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