Louise Mallard Character Analysis

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Louise Mallard in a story of The Story of an Hour is a beautiful character. She has made a just choice by asking her husband to take her to the outside world instead of staying in her house forever because of her heart condition. Her action is very wise when she is keep asking her husband to take her to the outside world because she wants to get out there to live a life she always wanted, and go to her favorite places. She is keep asking her husband over and over again, but the answer is always a no. Brently, who is Louise husband, gets to go around the world and take picture to bring it back home to show it to Louise. Louise really loves it when Brently brings back photos, and tell her how lovely it is to be there, and how beautiful that …show more content…

She was grief when she heard her husband got killed in a train accident, but she was more happy than sad when she knew she’s going to have a different life without him and freedom. She gets to travel to all her favorite places alone and it makes her so happy just to think about that. She is literally cannot wait to get out of the house to go to her favorite places. All of her happiness and thoughts about her freedom come to an end when Brently walks in the house. She is cannot believe her eyes that Brently is standing in front of her. She is not happy but shocked and her heart condition kills her in front of Brently. It is not because of how happy she got when Brently returned but how her freedom got taken away from her in a matter of second. If Brently is not overprotected of his wife, then she would not have died. She wants to live her life as any normal person would live despite her heart condition, but back in the old times, wife has to listen to her husband all the time. The author has made me think that Louise heart condition is going to kill her when she heard of Brently tragedy. It was unexpected to find out how happy she was when she found out she finally got her freedom because her husband was not with her any

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