Louise Mallard In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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About the story: The short story was first published in Vogue in 1894 under the title “The Dream of an Hour”. Later on in 1969, in the Complete Works of Kate Chopin the story became entitled as “The Story of an Hour”. The title implies that the timeframe of the story is one hour. This short story is a sample of feminist literary study. Characters of “The Story of an Hour”:  Louise Mallard: she is referred to by her married name which implies the great extent to which her identity is linked to her husband.  Brently Mallard: husband of Louise Mallard. Believed to be deceased due to an accident at the beginning of the story. He doesn’t make an appearance until the last scene.  Josephine: sister of Louise Mallard. Josephine tells her sister about the accident announcing the death of Brently.  Richards: friend of Brently Mallard. He was in the newspaper office when he had known about the accident. He then goes to the Mallard residence. Synopsis: Louise Mallard has heart trouble, thus the news of her husband’s death must be delivered cautiously. I believe that the fact that Louise had heart trouble rather than any other affliction is symbolic and implies that her pain stems from her marriage. Josephine was in charge of delicately delivering the sad news to her sister Louise. Richards, the friend of the deceased Brently Mallard was also present. He knew about the accident when he was in the newspaper office. Upon this shocking news, Louise weeps violently and goes to
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