Louise Mallard Symbolism

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In “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin readers realize how the main character, Louise Mallard, shows how she is joyful while gaining her independence after a tragic accident. The hysterical crying, continuously staring out the open window, and having heart trouble are key symbols throughout the short story. Chopin’s title of the short story is spot on as well. She is quick to the point and describes all the events during the short story that are covered in only an hour time. “The Story of an Hour” is introduced by readers learning that Louise Mallard has heart trouble. Shortly after, her sister, Josephine, gently broke the news of telling Mrs. Mallards that her husband, Brently Mallard, has died. Brently’s friend, Richard, was the one…show more content…
Mallard’s tears being key symbols throughout the story, we must not forget about her heart trouble. Already knowing that she has heart trouble from reading it in the beginning of the story doesn’t help the fact that her husband has just died. Having the heart problem is in fact the key symbol to the short story. The story states, “Someone was opening the front door with a latch key. It was Brently Mallard who entered, a little travel stained, composedly carrying his grip-sack and umbrella.”(117). After analyzing the quote the readers know that before this is taken place Mrs. Mallard had just returned downstairs from staring out her bedroom window. Seeing her husband has clearly shocked Mrs. Mallard as Chopin states, “When the doctor came they said she had died of heart disease- of joy that kills.”(117). the shocking scene of her seeing her husband alive has instantly killed Louise Mallard. Chopin uses the phrase, “…of joy that kills” at the end of her short story. The meaning behind the phrase is somewhat twisted. We know that Louise Mallard is not happy at all to see her husband’s face after thinking he was dead. The joy of Mrs. Mallards independence was ripped away from her so fast which caused the overwhelming feeling which caused her to die. Throughout the story Mrs. Mallard has experienced many obstacles in just the time of an hour. After reading the story, readers can come to the conclusion that the theme is solemnly about a woman’s joy of gaining her independence. In Louise Mallards case, it is ripped away from her in a dramatic way. After analyzing the short story, one can note that without knowing the key symbols such as, her crying, staring out the window and her terrible heart troubles will make it complicated to interpret the theme of the
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