Louisiana Purchase Dbq Essay

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Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr were nominated to run on the Republican side in the election of 1800. He had many fervent views on what he intended to change that, remaining true to his political party, were Republican in nature. However, many Americans still supported John Adams, the Federalist president antecedent to Jefferson, for another term, so Jefferson had to campaign well. To conclude months of working, Jefferson came out victorious after multiple ties, which was the event that inspired the twelfth amendment, stating electors had only one vote for president and another for vice president. This opposed the previous method in which they would cast two votes without specifying which position the candidate should take. This was the first…show more content…
It was known as the Louisiana Territory. Napoleon didn't have any need for this land after his attempt to control Haiti and revolved to sell it for financial aid to get back money lost in the attack. This was good for America because "farmers needed access to the Mississippi to transport their crops to markets. Their goods traveled down the Mississippi to New Orleans, where workers loaded them onto other ships bound for markets on the East Coast." The two nations compromised on a price of $15 million, and this exchange was regarded as the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase positively impacted America in many ways. It doubled the size of the country which provided many more miles of farmland for future settlers. It also gave control of the Mississippi River which had many benefits, one of which was shipping interest. Though Jefferson worried the purchase was unconstitutional, the advantages were too useful to decide against gaining them. Now with the addition of this land, explorers were needed to discover the resources and inhabitants it was home to. This decision helped develop the size of the America
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