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The University of Louisiana at Monroe has a diverse group of students, all of which are divided into different sub-cultures. Graduates are a group of students many people might define as responsible, mature, and even dedicated. They are slightly older than your average undergraduate student, and as a graduate assistant, many can be found in a professor’s class or office doing research. There are several types of graduate students with different cultural backgrounds. Focusing on the differences or similarities of the cultural dynamics between two graduates and how their upbringing prompted their academic choices. One type of graduate student is Gabriel Silva. A twenty-three year old international student, born and raised in Barrettos, Brazil, who left behind his family and friends to pursue an education at an American University. “I was an exchange student in high school, around this area,” he said, explaining how he chose to come to the United States. He is currently in the Masters of Business program and a graduate assistant for Dr. Donna Luse, the associate dean at the College of Business and Social Sciences. His job is to tutor undergraduate students who are currently…show more content…
After moving to the United States, he said the things he liked most about being here were “I don’t have any distractions.” When asked why, he stated, “Back home I have my family and friends; a social life. I also like the education here because I wouldn’t be where I’m at academically.” As a graduate student at ULM, Gabriel has had many academic challenges. One of these challenges were an extra-curricular on campus that, in the end, gave him a lot of satisfaction. He said, “I did a mock trial, which was pretty challenging. I had to speak in front of many people, including judges and lawyers, arguing a case.” Gabriel is someone who thrives off education and will continue to put education first to build a foundation in

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