Love: A Short Story: Love And Love

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Now careful darling, remember, he is still just a tiny baby, so take care.” With infinite care, I was passed over into a tiny pair of outstretched arms that folded ever so gently around me. And just like that, I was being treated to an exquisite touch, such as I rarely experienced form anyone other than my beautiful, tender, absolutely enchanting, new found friend. Enchantment itself she was. And for ever more, in my head and in my heart, Enchantment itself was how I would think of her to my dying day. And when murmuring, “Hello puppy,” she patted me ever so gently, her feather light touch sent quivers of ecstasy rippling along my spine. For sure, this tiny enchantress cast some sort of magical spell over me, and could, if she chose; charm…show more content…
Well now, that sure was news to me. I'd heard many names being bandied about; none that I'd heard of though had suited, leastwise, to their way of thinking. And so, they'd finally come up with one they'd all agreed on, had they? - And yes, I felt very comfortable and happy with their choice - Monty would do very nicely. I'd answer to that. It had a certain command to it. Why! I felt different already. I now had a name, and an impressive one to boot. I was an identity, a personality; someone to be reckoned with. And might I say, it is one huge relief to have that settled, I mean would you - if you were me - relish the thought of being called “Pooch” for the rest of your life – ‘well!.......would you?’ “Come on, let's take him over on the lawn and play with him,” Enchantment said excitedly, and so saying, I was taken to the open area of lawn, set down, and play began. They ran about, leapt and rolled and called out my name, and I scampered and bounded, tumbled and yapped, and soon, they were yelling and laughing with delight at my every move. Every time they rolled about on the grass I jumped on them, and in turn, was caught up in their soft little arms and cuddled briefly before being turned loose for the fun and games to

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