Love: A Short Story: Waiting For Love

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“He’s gone, Roosevelt’s gone!” Lou Lou exclaimed. “They say his garden and all its glorious vegetables are ravished. Not even a seed in the ground to re-grow,” Olivia said. “Percy saw him leaving with nothing but a bag over his shoulder. He said he was mad at the wind by the way he was walking up into it.” Pearl dismissed herself from the kitchen and went out to hang the Washington’s laundry. “Pearl, did you hear what I say?” Lou Lou followed her out into the yard. “It was me,” she confessed. “What do you mean?” Olivia joined them. “He asked me to marry him,” Pearl hung a pair of trousers onto the line in front of her. “Pearl, Roosevelt has been in love with you for years, I thought you felt
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Many women live their entire life waiting for love. Look at me, I have never had anyone to love me. I was told I wasn’t worthy enough to be loved. It does not matter what he looks like, or his status, all hearts work the same Pearl. They beat, and when one beats for you, you are a fortunate person,” Lou Lou confessed, her heart in her…show more content…
The girls had formed a bond beyond friendship. They were connected at the soul and shared the same pain and longing for their mothers. They were all each other had to lean on and they supported each other mentally and emotionally through the vicissitudes of life. Though Pearl was the youngest she was leaned upon by all for her strength and conviction to always do what was right, she was admired for her optimism in whatever situation she found herself. Clover was very delicate, so she often needed encouragement for her sensitive nature and feminine ways. “Don’t say that Lou Lou, you will find love. God has created someone for each of us, someone who will see the treasure in us,” Pearl said. “Roosevelt saw treasure in you and you didn’t want him,” Lou Lou spat. “God knows my future, if Roosevelt is meant for me our paths will cross again. Clover, you too are so delicate and demure, you have been crafted for someone special and you Olivia, your spirituality and tenacity have been made for someone special.” When the clothes were hung and all chores completed, the girls retired to their doll house, the microcosm of society filled with love, hopes and dreams for their future.

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