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Love and a Question, a shattering love, by Robert Frost is a poem that shows a love that seems so perfect it can´t be ruined in a matter of time. The poem, based on its title, gives a perspective of the speaker as a devoted lover with an important question for his bride. To the reader it might seem as love story, but in depth it is a story of how a couple became strange to each other. Others might think it is dedicated to Robert Frost’s wife, Eleanor Miriam White, one of Frost’s major poetic inspirations until her death in 1938. As the poem progresses the speaker and his bride separate from each other questioning their love. In the poem Love and a Question, there was a stranger at the door in an evening, and spoke to fair bridegroom. The man…show more content…
Love and a Question lacks of figurative speech because it is more a direct narration than a poem with deeper meaning. The story itself tries to narrate a story with a introduction, climax or conflict, and a denouement in a poetic way. In addition, symbolism is mainly from the term “Stranger” representing how the speaker can’t recognize himself, was doubtful about his love and didn’t know what to do to avoid a major loss. With the devices and clues, the reader can infer that the speaker shows a negative tone and an attitude of grief, regret or distress because he was loosing what he probably loved the most, questioned their love, and it was to late to avoid it. “The bridegroom came came forth into the porch with, ‘Let us look at the sky, a And question what of the night to be, Stranger, you and I.’” and “To mar the love of two By harboring woe in the bridal house, the bridegroom wished he

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