Love And Care Is A Matter Of Self-Interest

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Love is an emotion of strong attraction and personal attachment while care is the action of providing something necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance and protection of someone. Psychological Egoists argue that love and care is ultimately a self-interested act as they believe humans are always motivated by self-interest. This means that individuals ' actions only focus on the needs or interests of oneself and ignore the interest of others. However, many people help somebody else and show their love and care for others. From the examples in lectures, Mother Teresa helped the AIDS patients and orphans unselfishly. Many people nowadays are still acting in the interest of someone else, like the volunteers from Doctors Without Borders are staying in the countries with widespread transmission of Ebola virus disease to help the patients. There is no doubt that these persons are helping someone unselfishly and acting in the interest of others. According to the above evidences, this essay will argue that love and care for others is not ultimately a matter of self-interest and the thesis will be supported by the reasons behind human beings’ altruism acts and the effects of loving and caring for others. Firstly, there are other motivations which have higher priority than own self-interest. Some cultures and values are overriding egotism. For example, the Mohists believe in the principle of “universal love” instead of giving priority to one’s own friends and family members.
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