Love And Compassion In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Compassion is an extremely powerful emotion. It’s when you help someone get through an awful time in their life. Usually if it’s someone or something you, love you can show compassion towards it, You’ll end up putting an extreme amount of love and compassion into something you care about. If your loved one is going through an event you’ve gone through, you can empathize with them and connect. Showing love and compassion can let other people know what kind of person you are. So constantly being kind and showing those kind emotions can show your character and build a reputation that you can uphold. In his quote, Elie Wiesel stated “Even on the edge of the abyss, it is possible to dream exalted dreams of compassion.” I believe he talked about…show more content…
This event ruined the lives on an immense amount of Jewish people. But many of the people that were taken, including Elie showed, or were shown compassion and love. By everyone showing one another this love, it gave hope for survival. All these people having such an overwhelming amount of faith, shows how important compassion can be in difficult times in your life. Even locked in a concentration camp, they still believed. They still believed that maybe one day they would be set free. The compassion that everyone radiated became the base, and the anchor of their hope. So even in the midst of hardship, compassion gave them a purpose to hope. This historical event changed, and still continues to change lives everyday. It shows that if you keep your belief in your morals and ideals nothing can change you. Studying the Holocaust broadened my understanding of compassion greatly. This event helped me realize that everyone needs compassion in their life. Compassion helped the Jewish people endure the time that the Holocaust took place. It lets them know, someone cared about them and someone wanted them to feel safe. That love and compassion made not feeling abandoned or alone easier for them. Compassion but no barriers on the emotions of the Jews. The Holocaust showed me that there is without any doubt, a need for compassion in your life, because it can truly save
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