Love And Death In Seamus Heaney's Poem At Thirty Nine

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We have studied six poems that share the theme of the loss and suffering which can bitterly affect the personal relationships between the personas. Poem at Thirty Nine by Alice Walker, written at the age of thirty nine, focuses on the relationship between her father and herself. The first line: “how I miss my father”, clearly shows that she misses her father, but he is dead. Comparatively Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney deals with the death of his four years old brother: “a four foot box, a foot for every year”. He is looking at the death of his brother in a sudden car accident, from the perspective of a child himself. Remember by Christina Rossetti has a conflicting theme of love and death: “remember me when I am gone away” and she continues to battle with it throughout the entire poem. Similarly The Voice by Thomas Hardy is a remembrance of his departed wife and he is full of remorse for the way that their relationship had developed in the later years: “can it be you that I hear?” It conveys his feeling of regret and confusion about his wife’s death. On the other hand, Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan…show more content…
Do not go gentle into that good night focuses on the relationship between parent and child. It is a villanelle that means each stanza ends with the same sentence: “do not go gentle into that good night”, “rage, rage against the dying of the light”, emphasising that Thomas desperately wants his father to fight against death. These lines make use of metaphor by comparing death to the darkness, oxymoronically says: “good night”; and life to the bright daylight:” dying of the light”, illustrating the poet urging his father many times to fight but sarcastically his father cannot stand that at last. Despite of that, Thomas uses four different types of men: “wise man”, “good men”, wild men” and “grave men” courageously persuading his father to stay

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